TEG is a lifestyle curation app that leverages an insider network of travelers to guide users in every city they visit.




Omar Miller

Project Type

UX, UI, Product Design, Brand identity


Project Manager, Designer Animation


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TEG was created for travelers, those who love to try new restaurants and keep a close eye on the local events. With access to some of the biggest celebrities in the world, TEG curates, personalizes, and streamlines the recommendations of elite travelers to ensure you experience the best of any city you visit.


Busy travelers are frustrated with the current products they use to find the best options in a city, that fit their preferences. While there are multiple apps to solve this problem, none successfully provide users with all the features they want to make a confident decision in one seamless experience. Instead, they flip between multiple apps to search an overwhelming amount of options that are skewed by personal taste and opinion.


TEG integrates and improves upon the most used features of competing products to solve user pain points. Simplifying the process of finding reputable and desirable food, stay and play options, saving those new finds for future reference, and sharing them with friends.

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My Role/Responsibilities

UX research, UI design, brand identity



Travel planning essentials

Initial research focused on travel through the lens of a busy celebrity, saving suggested spots to eat and stay as well as measuring the time used to gather results.

Focus Areas

What products exist to find, save and share restaurants?


How do users interact with existing products?


What are users current pain points with existing products?


Which features are essential to find restaurants?

User Interviews

A series of in-depth interviews were then conducted on 5 celebrities to further identify pain points, frustrations, needs, and desires with existing products to determine how TEG could improve this experience.

Less is more.

Key Takeaways

All participants used a combination of multiple apps to find, save and share restaurants and hotels


Users value the ability to customize their settings to curate things that fit their unique travel personality


Major products in the market lack desirable features and feel impersonal, outdated and untrustworthy


A map feature with searchable is paramount when searching for restaurants


Too much information on screen makes users feel overwhelmed, they'd like a more curated simple list


Irrelevant suggestions feel impersonal and clutter the UI, filters are highly used tools when searching

Competitive & Comparative Analysis

Competitive analysis was conducted to identify competitor's strengths and weaknesses to inform TEG's features and information structure.


Carving out a niche in a saturated market

After conducting user interviews, all the participants responses were synthesized to identity themes, opportunities, and features that TEG could focus and improve upon.

Affinity Map

An affinity map was created to identify high level themes and group similar insights gained from the user interviews.



Inspiration was drawn from travel from the 1950s with a focus on minimal yet functional simplicity. The UI design reflects the user's desire to have a clutter free, curated look and feel.



A highly curated experience

TEG makes the process of finding hotels, restaurants and things to do on vacation simple and engaging. It connects people to an insider network of elite travelers and only suggests locations that match up with each user's travel persona. There are no bad reccomendations.

Create Account

Intro screen and onboarding


Users land on the persona select after signing in and when opening the app, making searches personalized, quick and easy.

Hyper local

After finding a neighborhood, users can quickly find the best that area has to offer

Wishlist + Referral

After saving a location to a wishlist, they can share it and an invite with their friends

Geo-fenced alerts

Users receive geo-fenced alerts for relevant events and locations.


TEG recommends restaurants, events and hotels based on a users location, friends, travel persona, and their budget.

Problems Solved

Integrates all needs into one streamlined experience


Suggests more personalized travel recommendations


Supports social connection and engagement


Saves favorites for quick reference later


Gives users more flexibility to create lifestyle lists


Provides a source of reputable reviews from real celebrities and influencers

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