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Q.ai is an AI-powered investment app that allows anyone to build wealth with one-click investing.





Project Type

Product Design, Identity, Design Strategy, System & brand consistency


VP of Branded Content, Senior Designer

A collection of iPhone screens


Join the personal wealth movement

Q.ai is an AI-powered investment app that allows anyone to build wealth with one-click investing.


Forbes internal investment platform needed a brand refresh and newsletter strategy that allowed them to grow their user base as well as showcase the AI technology behind that powers the app. In a crowded market, the key differentiator would lean on social driven education and effortless one-click investing.


My first year was a typical startup experience, working closely with the CEO to express deliver features within a matter of weeks that other companies would release over 6 months. I was fortunate to be part of the small original management team, and played a key part in many company milestones such as turning profitable, a full app redesign, Version 1 of our design system, and countless feature releases.

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My Role/Responsibilities

UX research, UI design, Brand identity, Newsletter strategy and design, Design leadership


Get the real answers to remove the bias

Key Findings

Initial research focused on investing personas via the perspective of a diverse group of personalities. This approach led to discovering that younger-generation users and minorities are consistently left out of financial wealth conversation.

Focus Areas

What products exist to invest in securities?


How do users interact with existing products?


What are users current pain points with existing investment products?


Which features are essential to invest in the stock market?

Brand Identity / Animation

logomarks, branded in-app interactions, feedback buttons


A brand you trust with your investments

This was no typical re-branding focussing on simplifying and reducing. As a challenger brand with the huge presence of Forbes behind it, Q.ai was in need of a clean, trustworthy brand approach.

Deliverables: Branding guidelines, logo, usage and samples below


Typography & Color

Product Solution

An automated experience

Core Screens
Hyper local

After finding a neighborhood, users can quickly find the best that area has to offer


Onboarding needed to be simplified to increase bottom of the funnel activation. I created a straightforward template to support the marketing department.

Crypto investments

Users were given the ability to invest in Crypto kits, bundled cryptocurrency securities to give limit exposure

Minimal Dashboard
Design System
Problems Solved

Integrates all needs into one streamlined experience


Suggests more personalized investment recommendations


Supports social connection and engagement


Simplified deposit cash to brokerage account


Gives users more flexibility to learn as they watch the AI build, invest and adjust


Provides a source of reputable investing advice from years of experience


Given the environment of a fast-paced startup, my time at Forbes | QAI involved a variety of large-scale projects spanning investment applications, design systems, branding identity, UX design, growth ads, website and newsletter design.


Fun, smart financial education

To assist with top of funnel marketing efforts, I created a short-form content system to help quickly share educational and platform news. These posts linked back to Forbes articles and continued the user journey to funding an account

KPI: Increased daily subscribers


DAU from


engagement increase on Instagram

App redesign

Simple. Smart.

The original app started to show its inability to scale soon after the launch. The CEO tasked me with creating a simplified approach to investing that would allow the DAU count to grow as well as lay the groundwork for future enterprise partnerships.

KPI: Increased DAU

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